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Istanbul, Turkey

Historic Walls of Istanbul

Stretching along the Golden Horn to the Sea of Marmara, the fortified walls of Istanbul protected the city from the early Byzantine period to the fifteenth century.
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Ankara, Turkey

Çukur Han

Built in the late sixteenth or early seventeenth century during Ottoman rule of Ankara, this han, or caravanserai, was designed to accommodate traveling merchants.
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Bagamoyo, Tanzania

Bagamoyo Historic Town

At once beautiful and disturbing, Bagamoyo's eighteenth- and nineteenth-century coral buildings, specific to Swahili construction, served as a backdrop to East Africa's slave trade.
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Wangan, Taiwan

Jungshe Village

Located on an island off the coast of Taiwan, Jungshe Village is the result of three centuries of Chinese immigration and cultural development.
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Borlange City, Sweden

Ljungberg Hall

The Ljungberg Hall was originally designed as an exhibition hall for the 1897 Stockholm Exposition of Art and Industry.
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Kandy, Sri Lanka

Kandy Sacred City

Situated on a central plateau, the sacred city of Kandy is the second largest city in Sri Lanka.
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Richtersveld, South Africa

Richtersveld Cultural Landscape

For thousands of years, the KhoeSan peoples of South Africa and Namibia maintained a pastoral way of life.
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Vipava, Slovenia

Lanthieri Manor

The Counts Lanthieri ruled over the Vipava Valley from the sixteenth to the twentieth centuries, establishing the extensive vineyards for which the valley is known.
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Krajné Cierno, Slovakia

Basil the Great Church

Basil the Great Church belongs to a small and precious collection of wooden churches in the rural Carpathian mountain region of Slovakia, a significant border between East/West Christian faiths.
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Freetown, Sierra Leone

Old Fourah Bay College

Fourah Bay College in Freetown became a magnet for English-speaking Africans on the West Coast and remained the only European-style university in western Africa for more than a century.
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Freetown, Sierra Leone

Freetown Historic Monuments

The 15 historic monuments in and around Freetown, Sierra Leone, represent almost the entirety of the nation's preserved cultural assets.
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Palauli, Letolo Plantation, Samoa

Pulemelei Mound

Although its original purpose and the identity of its creators remain mysteries, the pyramid-like Pulemelei Mound is the largest ancient structure in Polynesia.