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Causeni, Moldova

Assumption of Our Lady Church

Unassuming though it might appear, the white walls and red-tile roof of the Assumption of Our Lady Church hold a storied and unique history.
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Larache, Morocco


The archaeological ruins of the ancient city of Lixus emerge from a hill at the bend of the Loukkos River on the western coast of Morocco.
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Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Dutch Fort of Batticaloa

Originally a Portuguese settlement, the Fort of Batticaloa was first constructed in 1628 as a trading and administrative center.
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Nam Kong River at Ban Pak Ou, Laos

Tam Ting

Deep within the riverbank of the Mekong in northern Lao's tropical region of Luang Prabang, the shadows of the Tam Ting caves reveal wonders of ancient spiritual and cultural heritage.
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Houameuang District, Laos

Hintang Archaeological Landscape

Scattered across 72 different locations along a remote mountain ridge, the Hintang Archaeological Landscape is a collection of prehistoric megalithic sites in northeastern Laos.
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Oppido Lucano, Italy

Villa of San Gilio

The Roman villa of San Gilio is situated in Basilicata, exploited for large-scale wheat production, exactly as it was centuries ago.
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Tivoli, Italy

Ponte Lucano

Stretching across the banks of the Anio River, the graceful seven-arched bridge of Ponte Lucano connects past and present within a storied landscape.
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Lod, Israel

Old City of Lod

The last remains of Lod’s fascinating historic legacy are in need of protection against uncontrolled development.