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Blessington, County Wicklow, Ireland


Russborough stands in stately repose at the base of the Wicklow Mountains, overlooking a large park that falls to the valley of the River Liffey.
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Mahmudabad, India

Kothi, Qila Mahmudabad

The Mahmudabad Estate was founded in 1677 by Raja Mahmud Khan, a descendant of the first caliph of Islam.
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Nyoma, India

Dechen Namgyal Gonpa

Dating to the 17th century, Dechen Namgyal was an early monastery, or gonpa, of the Drugpa Kagyu branch of Tibetan Buddhism along the ancient trade route of Ladakh.
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Kargil, India

Chiktan Castle

Deep within the remote, mountainous region of northern India, Chiktan Castle erupts from the mountainside, seemingly born out of the cliff upon which it stands.
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Lesvos, Greece

Churches of Lesvos

The island of Lesvos contains a large number of historic churches, many with fine religious iconography.
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Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church

On the edge of inner-city Belfast, Carlisle Memorial Methodist Church serves as a sober reminder of the city's architectural legacy and its troubled past.
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Villemagne L’Argentière, France

Hôtel de Monnaies

Hôtel de Monnaies, an abandoned merchants’ building, is tucked away in the narrow streets of Villemagne L’Argentière in the renowned Languedoc region.
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Sevilla, Spain

Historic Landscape of Sevilla

Dotted with church spires and the minaret of a 12th-century mosque, the historic landscape of Sevilla stretches serenely across the horizon.