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near Motupe, Peru

Apurlec Archaeological Site

Adobe pyramids, civic squares, residential blocks, ceremonial fora, and planting fields were left behind in Apurlec, one of the largest pre-Columbian settlements in the Americas.
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Lima, Peru

Cajamarquilla Archaeological Site

A large urban center on the outskirts of Lima, Cajamarquilla was first settled by the Huari, whose culture flourished along the Peruvian coast ca. a.d. 400-600. .
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Supe Valley, Barranca Province, Peru

Caral Archaeological Site

Established at a time of dramatic cultural development in the Andes, the ancient site Caral, 182 kilometers north of Lima, has been hailed as the oldest city in the Americas.
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Portobelo, Panama

San Lorenzo Castle

The first fortifications of San Lorenzo castle were built by prominent military engineer Juan Bautista Antonelli in 1595.
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Portobelo, Panama

San Jerónimo Fort

San Jerónimo Fort was built in several stages between 1596 and 1779 to protect the transportation of goods from South America to Spain.
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Uch, Pakistan

Uch Monument Complex

The ancient city of Uch was one of several metropolises founded by Alexander the Great on his crusade through Central Asia in the late 4th century BC.
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Thatta, Pakistan

Thatta Monuments

Located about 100 kilometers east of Karachi, this windswept World Heritage Site in the Indus Valley was once a well-watered and revered destination for medieval worshippers and celebrants.
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Bergen, Norway

Sandviken Bay

Established around 1650, the Sandviken Bay settlement served as the original site of fishing-industry warehouses and roperies in the southwestern city of Bergen.
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Edo, Nigeria

Benin City Earthworks

The Benin City Walls consist of a set of inner and outer interlocking rings originally built to delineate the royal precinct of the Oba, or king, from the surrounding area.
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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Geser Sum Monastery

Founded in the late nineteenth century during the time of Manchu dominance over Mongolia, the Geser Sum Monastery was built with donations from Chinese merchants.
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Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), Mongolia

Bogd Khan Palace Museum

In 1911, at the time of the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in China, the independence of Outer Mongolia was proclaimed.