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Morelia, Mexico

San Nicolás Obispo

Built in 1591, San Nicolás Obispo, an important example of a Franciscan visita, or pilgrimage church, retains much of its original architecture.
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Mexico City, Mexico

Metropolitan Cathedral

Ever since the last building stone was secured in 1813, the Metropolitan Cathedral has been sinking and leaning into its spongy foundation.
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Metztitlan, Mexico

La Tercena

A rare example of early sixteenth-century civic architecture, La Tercena in Metztitlán, Hidalgo, boasts a combination of indigenous and European architectural elements.
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Veracruz, Mexico

Huaca Historic Neighborhood

Established in 1870 to provide housing for migrant workers outside the city walls of Veracruz, the Huaca neighborhood introduced a new organization of living space to this historic Mexican city.
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Chihuahua, Mexico

Chihuahua Missions

Colonial missions established between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries by the Jesuit and Franciscan orders became important settlements in northern Mexico.
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Valletta, Malta

Fort St. Elmo

Since the sixteenth century, Fort St. Elmo has protected the peninsula of Valletta, capital of the island nation of Malta.
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near Kayes, Mali

Médine Fort

An impressive complex covering more than a hectare, the Fort of Médine was among the first military installations built by the French during their colonization of the vast region of West Africa.
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Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia

Kampung Cina River Frontage

A line of modest wooden buildings follows the gently curving waterfront at Kampung Cina, the oldest street in what is now one of Malaysia's largest cities, Kuala Terengganu.
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Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Fianarantsoa Old City

The Fianarantsoa Old City occupies a dramatic hilltop setting once topped with a palace used by the Merina royal family during state visits.
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Prilep/ Dabnica, Macedonia

Treskavec Monastery and Church

Treskavec Monastery, a medieval pilgrimage site founded in the twelfth century, sits atop a remote mountain in southern Macedonia, a steep eight-kilometer hike from the town of Prilep.