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Tour and Taxis, 1997
The Watch
Brussels, Belgium

Tour and Taxis (Transport Hub)

Beginning in the early 20th century, Belgian railroad, customs, and maritime interests converged at Tour and Taxis, a model transportation hub designed by architect Van Humbeek.
Quinta Hereen
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Lima, Peru

Quinta Heeren

Once part of an affluent residential area, the Quinta Heeren started to decay in the 1930s.
The theater, after restoration, 2016. Photo: Nelson Garrido.
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Lisbon, Portugal

Teatro Capitólio

The Teatro Capitólio is an invaluable part of Portugal’s Modernist architectural heritage and its history of cinema.
Sri Ksetra
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near Pyay, Myanmar

Sri-Ksetra Temples

The 1,500-year-old stupas and temples of Sri-Ksetra are among the earliest Buddhist monuments in the world.
Kentucky Bluegrass Region
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Kentucky, United States

Bluegrass Cultural Landscape of Kentucky

The Bluegrass Region of Kentucky, a traditional center for breeding quality livestock, is characterized by its rolling hills and highly fertile soil.
Detailed carving
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near Mosul, Iraq

Nineveh and Nimrud Palaces

The Iraq Cultural Heritage Conservation Initiative was formed to protect Iraqi historic monuments like the ancient palaces of Nineveh and Nimrud from damages related to war.
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Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Ushuaia Prison

Although the 600 convicts that occupied the 380 cells in the Ushuaia prison up until its closure in 1947 were not exactly town citizens, their work was integral to the life of the city beyond.
Completed Project
Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi Historic District

Located at a crossroads of Europe and Asia on the famous Silk Road, Tbilisi faced repeated invasions since its founding in the fifth century as rival powers have sought to control its strategic position.
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Eastern State Penitentiary

More than 300 prisons around the world were based on the design and system used at Eastern State Penitentiary.
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Cardross, Scotland, United Kingdom

St. Peter's College, Cardross

St. Peter's College, a modernist architectural wonder designed as a Catholic seminary, is undergoing a unique transformation into an arts center.
Completed Project
Ōzu, Ehime Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan

Sanro-Den of Sukunahikona Shrine

Collaboration between community members and heritage professionals resulted in the successful restoration of Sanro-Den of Sukunahikona.