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Prizren, Republic of Kosovo

Prizren Historic Center

The most important town in Kosovo, Prizren became the regional seat of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans in 1360, when Sultan Murad I extended the empire into Europe.
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Vientiane, Laos

Vat Sisaket

Paradoxically, Vat Sisaket is the oldest and newest monastery in the Laotian capital.
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Kurzeme Region, Latvia

Abava Valley Cultural Landscape

Until its independence from the Soviets in 1991, the Abava River valley, a region that developed during the Middle Ages along the route to Germany, had remained immune to the modern age.
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Riga, Latvia

Riga Cathedral

Riga Cathedral, the centerpiece of Latvia's capital city, was built in the early 13th century in the Romanesque style.
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Tyre, Lebanon

Ancient Tyre

Tyre, situated approximately 50 miles south of Beirut, was founded by Phoenician settlers in the third millennium BC.
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Hasbaya, Lebanon

Chehabi Citadel

Overlooking the village of Hasbaya in south Lebanon, the Chehabi Citadel occupied a strategic location for the armies of the First Crusade, believed to have built its fortifications in the 11th century.
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Oumm el' Amed, Lebanon

Iskandarouna-Naqoura Cultural Landscape

With a settlement history spanning some 1,200 years, the cultural landscape of Iskandarouna-Naqoura, including the site of Umm el-Amed, is rich in archaeological remains and natural resources.
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Fezzan, Libya

Wadi Mathendous Rock Art

Located in the Messak Plateau in southwest Libya near the borders of Algieria and Niger, Wadi Mathendous contains some of the world’s oldest rock art.
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Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius Town Wall

A structure erected for pure fortification has evolved into a valuable historic aesthetic element in Vilnius.
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Prilep/ Dabnica, Macedonia

Treskavec Monastery and Church

Treskavec Monastery, a medieval pilgrimage site founded in the twelfth century, sits atop a remote mountain in southern Macedonia, a steep eight-kilometer hike from the town of Prilep.
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Fianarantsoa, Madagascar

Fianarantsoa Old City

The Fianarantsoa Old City occupies a dramatic hilltop setting once topped with a palace used by the Merina royal family during state visits.