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Filobobos, near Tlapacoyan, Mexico

Vega de la Peña Archaeological Site

Evidence of a significant ancient urban settlement at Vega de la Peña was first revealed by archaeologists in 1926, though little remained known about the site until the early 1990s.
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Kondopoga, Republic of Karelia, Russia

Assumption Church

Assumption Church is an elegant wooden structure with a distinctive nebo, or sky, a highly decorated painted ceiling made up of twenty panels surrounding the central tondo.
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Butuceni, Moldova

Barbary-Bosia Monastery Complex

The elaborately decorated surfaces of the Bosie Church and accompanying monks' cells were carved from a cave complex above the Raut River between 1665 and 1675.
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Upper Galilee, Israel

Tel-Dan Canaanite Gate

Three mudbrick arches that span a gateway are the world’s oldest known arches made of this material.
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Ramle Municipality, Israel

Ramla White Mosque

Israel’s oldest mosque outside Jerusalem (according to historians) now stands in a town with a mixed population of Muslims, Jews, and Christians.
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Murgia dei Trulli, Italy

Murgia dei Trulli

The whimsical appearance of i trulli with their domed or conical roofs have attracted the attention of architects and tourists for centuries.
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Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator), Mongolia

Bogd Khan Palace Museum

In 1911, at the time of the collapse of the Qing Dynasty in China, the independence of Outer Mongolia was proclaimed.
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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Geser Sum Monastery

Founded in the late nineteenth century during the time of Manchu dominance over Mongolia, the Geser Sum Monastery was built with donations from Chinese merchants.
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Fez, Morocco

Al-Azhar Mosque

Located in the center of Fez, the Mosque of Al Azhar is an example of the austere Almohad style of architecture.