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Completed Project
Selçuk, Turkey

Ephesos Archaeological Site

The ancient city of Ephesos (also known as Ephesus) has a rich history dating back to 6000 BC.
The Algazi Synagogue interior view, the Bimah, the Tevah and the seats, June 7, 2007
Completed Project
Izmir, Turkey

Central Izmir Synagogues

At the end of the fifteenth century, Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition began to settle in the Kemeralti district of Izmir.
Completed Project
Çumra, Konya, Turkey

Çatalhöyük Archaeological Site

Çatalhöyϋk, one of the earliest Neolithic, matriarchal societies in Anatolia, existed from approximately 7500 to 5700 BC.
Ani Cathedral: view from mosque minaret with Redeemer in background, June 2009
Active Project
Ani, Turkey

Ani Cathedral

Located in modern-day eastern Turkey, Ani Cathedral is one of the most significant architectural structures remaining from the prosperous Armenian Bagratid period in the 10th and 11th centuries AD.
View of Tetrapylon, 2010
Completed Project
Geyre Beledesi, Turkey

Aphrodisias Archaeological Site

Aphrodisias, named after its patron goddess Aphrodite, was founded in the 2nd century BC on the site of a rural sanctuary of Aphrodite.
Active Project
Ayutthaya, Thailand

Wat Chaiwatthanaram

Wat Chaiwatthanaram, an outstanding structure designed in the Khmer style, was laid out to represent a cosmological chart of the Buddhist universe.
Completed Project
Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand

Ayutthaya and Other Flooded Sites

Ayutthaya, located in the rich agricultural flat lands in central Thailand, was the capital of Siam from 1350 to 1761.
Completed Project
Lindi Region, Tanzania

Historic Sites of Kilwa

The island of Kilwa Kisiwani is located in the south of Tanzania, a short boat ride from the mainland.
A cemetery at the Kua Ruins, 2015
Completed Project
Juani Island, Tanzania

Kua Ruins

The remains of a medieval Swahili town, the Kua Ruins are at risk from the effects of a harsh climate and destruction at the hands of explorers digging for fabled Swahili treasures.

Cultural Heritage Sites of Syria

Armed conflict continues to threaten Syrian historic sites, but local and international professionals, institutions, and volunteers are working together to preserve the country’s cultural heritage.