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Filling in the gaps of the mosiac, July 2010
Completed Project
Azaz, Syria

Cyrrhus (Nebi Houri)

The ancient site of Cyrrhus is located 70 kilometers northeast of Aleppo.
View of the Royal Palace, with protective structures in place., September 2003
Completed Project
Al-Hasakah Governorate, Syria

Tell Mozan

Tell Mozan, located in northeast Syria in the Khabur River plain, is the site of ancient Urkesh, a place associated with the Hurrians, a Bronze Age people of Upper Mesopotamia.
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Shayzar, Syria

Shayzar Castle

The Syrian town of Shayzar was, for much of its history, a strategic prize for the Muslim and Christian forces who battled for control of the region at the turn of the first millennium.
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Aleppo, Syria

Citadel of Aleppo

One of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, Aleppo preserves remnants of more than four millennia of Near Eastern history.
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Near Tartous, Syria

Amrit Archaeological Site

Amrit is an ancient Phoenician site located on the Mediterranean coast of Syria.
View of site, August 2009
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Redi Doti, Suriname

Jodensavanne Archaeological Site

Jodensavanne (Jewish Savannah) was settled by a population of Sephardic Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition on mainland Europe in the mid-seventeenth century.
An example of the rock drawings that survive at Sabu-Jaddi, 2015
Nile Valley, Sudan

Sabu-Jaddi Rock Art Sites

The rock art sites of Sabu and Jaddi are not fully documented or protected, and they are threatened by erosion and acts of vandalism.
Completed Project
Segovia, Spain

Aqueduct of Segovia

The Aqueduct of Segovia was built during the second half of the 1st century AD.
A view of the Simwonjeong Pavilion and the surrounding garden from the East, 2013
Dongmyeong-myeon, South Korea

Simwonjeong Pavilion

Rising land values and a lack of legal protection are threatening Simwonjeong Pavilion, a marker of Korean national heritage, which could be irreversibly changed or even lost.
A procession along Bo-Kaap's Chiappini street to mark the Islamic New Year, 2014
Cape Town, South Africa


The historic character and built heritage of Bo-Kaap are under threat due to economic forces and social change.