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Cajamarca, Peru

Ransom Room

When the Spanish conquistador Pizarro began his pillaging of Peru in 1533, he seized the Inca emperor Atahualpa and held him prisoner in what has come to be known as the Ransom Room.
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Santo Tomas de Quillay, Peru

Revash Funerary Complex

Used as a sacred burial ground by the Chachapoya, the Revash site is composed of a series of chullpas, or stone tomb chambers, nestled in the limestone cliffs overlooking the Utcubamba River.
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Mórrope, Peru

San Pedro de Mórrope Chapel

The chapel of San Pedro de Mórrope was constructed in the 16th century during the Colonial period in Peru in an effort to convert the indigenous Mochica people to Christianity.
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Angono, Rizal, Philippines

Angono Petroglyphs

Discovered in 1965, the Angono Petroglyphs are believed to be the oldest known artworks in the Philippines.
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Kabayan, Philippines

Kabayan Mummy Caves

When industrial activity began in the forests north of Manila, loggers discovered ancient burial caves hewn out of the rock containing mummified remains and hundreds of coffins and skulls.
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Nowy Targ, Podhale, Poland

Debno Parish Church

Nestled among the foothills of the Pieniny and Gorce mountains, Debno Parish Church is an exceptional example of the wooden Gothic churches of southern Poland.
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Malborka, Poland

Jerusalem Hospital of the Teutonic Order

A rare example of a Teutonic Order hospital structure, the former Jerusalem Hospital in Malborka was built in the late thirteenth century to care for the region's sick and needy.
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Lodz, Poland

Mausoleum of Karol Scheibler

Karol Scheibler, textile magnate and philanthropist, oversaw the transformation of Łodz from a quiet agricultural town into a major industrial center in the nineteenth century.
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Lublin, Poland

Old Lublin Theater

The Old Lublin Theater was designed in the neo-classical style by its first owner, Polish architect Lukasz Rodakiewicz, to host local and traveling performances for the entertainment of local citizenry.
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Hebdów (near Krakow), Poland

Our Lady's Assumption Basilica

The Church of Our Lady’s Assumption was founded in the mid-twelfth century within a Norbertine monastery.
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Gdansk, Poland

Vistulamouth Fortress

The origins of Vistulamouth Fortress probably date to the early medieval period, when a lighthouse and watchtower guarding the mouth of the Vistula River occupied the site of the current structures.