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The remains of the southern gate of Bunce Island, 2015
Sierra Leone River, near Freetown, Sierra Leone

Bunce Island

Bunce Island, a site that testifies to a dark chapter in world history, is being slowly eroded by exposure to the elements and overwhelmed by the social and economic problems facing Sierra Leone.
Vyborg Castle, a fortress originally dating from the thirteenth century, with the Vyborg Historic Center in the distance, 2014
Vyborg, Russia

Vyborg Historic Center

Despite its designation as a historic city, Vyborg needs better planning for conservation and stronger enforcement of heritage protection laws.
Completed Project
St. Petersburg, Russia

Yelagin Island Palace and Park Ensemble

Yelagin Island, located in the Neva River just north of St. Petersburg, was one of the Romanov dynasty's retreats in the 18th and 19th centuries.
Glass facade from angle, May 2014
Completed Project
Vyborg, Russia

Viipuri Library

The restoration of Viipuri Library protected an iconic example of modernist architecture while also setting a precedent for conservation projects at similar sites around the world.
Completed Project
Kizhi Island in Lake Onega, Republic Of Karelia, Russia

Kizhi Pogost

Kizhi Pogost is located on one of the many hundreds of islands on tranquil Lake Onega in the northern region of Karelia.
Completed Project
Oranienbaum, Russia

Chinese Palace At Oranienbaum State Museum

The Chinese Palace at Oranienbaum was the first palace commissioned by Russian empress Catherine the Great following her seizure of power from her husband.
Completed Project
St. Petersburg, Tsarskoje Selo, Russia

Alexander Palace

Alexander Palace housed three generations of Russian monarchs before it was abandoned by the royal family in the months preceding the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.
Completed Project
Istra, Russia

New Jerusalem Monastery

Founded under Patriarch Nikon in the 17th century in Istra on the outskirts of Moscow, the New Jerusalem Monastery was meant to evoke the Holy Land and serve as a pilgrimage site.
A view over the town of Ro?ia Montan?, with traditional houses and the 1860 Roman Catholic church of Saint Ladislaus, 2012
Roșia Montană, Romania

Roșia Montană Mining Landscape

The threat of complete destruction of Roșia Montană has been averted, but challenges remain to promote sustainable development and create opportunities for the appreciation of its rich heritage.
A pair of early twentieth-century buildings on Bucharest's Independence Embankment, including the "Adriatica" Society Palace (left), illustrate the degradation of the urban experience caused by commercial advertising, 2011
Bucharest, Romania


The urban environment of Bucharest is threatened by abandonment and demolition of historic buildings, uncontrolled development, and inappropriate rehabilitation.
Completed Project
Târgu-Jiu, Romania

Brancusi’s Endless Column Ensemble

Conservation of Brancusi’s Endless Column ensemble simultaneously safeguarded a World War I monument and the work of the iconic Romanian sculptor.