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Interior, November 2010
Active Project
Kyoto, Japan

Machiya Townhouses

The machiya of Kyoto are traditional townhouses dating from the Edo period (1603–1867).
View of the port from the hill in the south, January 2003
Completed Project
Fukuyama, Japan

Tomo Port Town

For over 1,000 years Tomo, in the city of Fukuyama, has existed as a fishing village and an active port along the Seto Nakai, or Inland Sea.
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Falmouth, Trelawny, Jamaica

Falmouth Historic Town

Located on Jamaica’s northern coast, near Montego Bay, Falmouth is the capital of the Parish of Trelawny in the county of Cornwall.
The Fossoli Concentration Camp is located near the town of Carpi in the Province of Modena, 2013
The Watch

World War II Concentration Camps in Italy

The neglect and destruction of the remaining concentration camps built in Italy during WWII is largely due to the denial of this almost-forgotten chapter of Italy’s recent past.
The current dangerous route of the cruises through the historic center, 2nd September 2009
Completed Project
Venice, Veneto, Italy


A sustainable system for tourism management in Venice would safeguard the city’s historic treasures.
Completed Project
Rome, Italy

Farnese Aviaries

The Farnese Aviaries, admired by countless visitors since the sixteenth century, are among the best-preserved Renaissance remains on the Palatine Hill.
View of facade, August 2012
Completed Project
Rome, Italy

Temple of Hercules

One of ancient Rome’s oldest structures was restored, preserving generations of history contained in its historic fabric.
Completed Project
Pompeii, Italy

Ancient Pompeii

The ancient Roman towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum and villas near the Bay of Naples were buried by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in August A D.
Conservator at work, May 2007
Active Project
Rome, Italy

Santa Maria Antiqua Church

Located at the base of the Palatine Hill in the Roman Forum, the sixth-century church of Santa Maria Antiqua is one of the earliest surviving Christian monuments in Rome.
Active Project
Rome, Italy

Temple of Portunus

The conservation of the Temple of Portunus is part of an effort to protect and enhance Rome’s ancient Forum Boarium.
Completed Project
Liguria, Italy

Cinque Terre

Conservation work on Cinque Terre’s cultural landscape has been developing alongside advocacy for the site’s preservation.
View of horse and rider, after conservation, c2007
Completed Project
Venice, Italy

Bartolomeo Colleoni Monument

The Bartolomeo Colleoni equestrian statue was erected in fulfillment of a request made by the condotierro before his death in 1475.