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Near Guatemala City, Guatemala


The archaeological park of Kaminaljuyu is located in Guatemala's highland central valley, in close proximity to the ever-expanding urban development of Guatemala City.
Facade, April 2010
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Antigua, Guatemala

Capitanes Generales Palace

In the Panchoy valley, surrounded by the Agua, Fuego, and Acatenago volcanoes, the city of Antigua was founded in 1543.
Building B-18 post-conservation, before the installation of the cover, September 2010
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El Petén, Guatemala


Naranjo, the second largest Maya city in Guatemala after Tikal, developed between 500 BC and AD 950, although the main period of construction took place during the Late Classic period.
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Usumacinta River Valley, Guatemala

Usumacinta River Cultural Landscape

Today, the Usumacinta River defines the border between Guatemala and the Mexican state of Chiapas, but in antiquity its waters lay between the rival Maya cities of Piedras Negras and Yaxchilán.
In this photo dating from the original discovery of Pavlopetri, a cist, or stone-built box grave is seen on the seabed, 1967
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Elafonisos, Greece


Pavlopetri, the world’s oldest submerged city, is under serious threat from pollution and disturbances caused by large ships.
The new bima of the Etz Hayim Synagogue. The ehal and bima were reconstructed using a 400 year old cedar wood in a style mimicking the neoclassical pediment of the northern courtyard entrance with parallels those found in Izmir, Patras, and Corfiote synagogues of the same era. The synagogue was furnished so that it could again function as a place of regular Jewish worship., 1999
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Hania, Greece

Etz Hayim Synagogue

In the seventeenth century, the Jewish community of Hania acquired a vacant Venetian church, the fifteenth-century Church of St. Catherine, and converted the structure into the Kal Kadosh Etz Hayim.
Exterior view of Wa Naa Yiri Palace during restoration project., February 3, 2010
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Wa, Ghana

Wa Naa's Palace

Wa Naa's Palace, home to the king of the Wala people, the major local population of Wa region, is located in the heart of Wa Town and is a major cultural attraction.
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Larabanga, Ghana

Larabanga Mosque

Dating from the seventeenth century, Larabanga Mosque is the oldest mosque in Ghana, and one of the country's most revered religious sites.
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Saint-Emilion, France

Saint-Emilion Monolithic Church

In the eighth century, a Breton monk named Emilion fled to southern France to escape persecution by the Benedictine order and adopted an eremitic existence, living in a cave.
Despite a good legibility of its architecture (hardly transformed), the Khan (or craft school) presents heavy structural pathologies due to successive  differential settlements of the structure resulting from the variation of the ground water and deficiencies of the drainage which have affected a lot all limestone foundations., 23/24 January 2009
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Luxor, West Bank, Egypt

New Gourna Village

New Gourna Village is a testament to how the relationship between heritage and society is often fraught with multiple meanings and conflicting values.
February 2008
Completed Project
Cairo, Egypt

Tarabay Al-Sharify

The monumental complex of Tarabay al-Sharify stands at the southern end of Al-Azhar Park.