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Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Metropolitan Building

This former department store of Kolkata (former Calcutta) aspired to be a civic landmark on par with Government House and the Victoria Memorial.
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Leh, India

Guru Lhakhang and Sumda Chun Temples

The eleventh-century Tibetan translator of Buddhist texts, Rinchen Tsangpo, who brought Buddhism to the Western Himalaya, is credited with founding 108 temples in the region.
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Old City of Pella, near Thessaloniki, Greece

Pella Macedonian Tombs

The tombs at Pella are important examples of Macedonian tomb building and also provide key information for buildings of this period that are now lost.
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Leipzig, Germany


Constructed in Leipzig, Germany, in the early thirteenth century by the Augustinian monastic order, Thomaskirche, or St. Thomas Church, has been the site of Leipzig's most important cultural events.
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Tetristskaro District, Pitareti Village, Georgia

Pitareti Monastery

Located some 25 some from Tbilisi, Pitareti Monastery sits in a secluded landscape surrounded by mountains.
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Beauvais, France

Saint Pierre Cathedral

With its five-aisled choir and transept soaring to a height of 46.5 meters, St. Pierre Cathedral is an extreme expression of the gothic enterprise.
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Quito, Ecuador

La Compañia Church

The Jesuit church in Quito is one of the most significant baroque structures of South America.
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Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Historic Center

Prague's medieval center survived World War II and decades of negligence. It is ironic that the current economic boom is doing more to destroy its authenticity than any overtly hostile act.
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Cienfuegos, Cuba

Reina Cemetery

Much was left for the living to see in this neoclassical cemetery, a poignant example of Cuba's many endangered sites that are far removed from Havana.
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Lopud Island, near Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lopud Franciscan Monastery

The islands dotting the Dalmatian shoreline form one of the most beautiful scenic areas of the Adriatic coast.
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Shanxi Province, China

Qikou Town

For more than two centuries Qikou, a unique terraced townscape carved into a steep hillside on the banks of the Yellow River, served as a vital trading point for river-bound freight.
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Tarrafal, Cape Verde

Tarrafal Concentration Camp

Built by Portuguese dictator Antonio de Oliveira Salazar in 1933, the prison camp of Tarrafal on Santiago Island housed political prisoners and Africans rebelling against colonial rule.