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Bontida, Romania

Bánffy Castle

For over six centuries, Bánffy Castle was occupied by members of the same aristocratic family.
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Suakin Island, Sudan


Suakin Island, located in north-eastern Sudan, was a crucial Red Sea port from Egyptian times until the early twentieth century.
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Zhovkva, Ukraine

Zhovkva Synagogue

Zhovkva Synagogue was built in the 1690s for a rapidly growing Jewish community.
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Bethlehem, Palestinian Territory

Church of the Holy Nativity

The Church of the Nativity is one of the most sacred Christian sites in the world, and its ongoing restoration will enable visitors from around the world to fully appreciate its significance for centuries to come.
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Luang Prabang, Laos

Chom Phet Cultural Landscape

The cultural landscape of Chom Phet is threatened by aggressive jungle vegetation and dramatically increased tourism.
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Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki-Malmi Airport

The Helsinki-Malmi Airport was one of the most modern aerodromes of its time, but today plans are in motion to turn the site into a housing development.
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Dsegh, Lori Province, Armenia

Bardzrakash St. Gregory Monastery

The ruins of Bardzrakash St. Gregory Monastery are heavily overgrown by vegetation and only accessible by foot at the edge of a deep canyon.
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West Hollywood, California, United States

Schindler Kings Road House and Studio

Structural repairs to the Schindler House have saved a unique example of domestic architecture and California Modernism.
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Quito, Ecuador

Bolivar Theater

Quito’s most opulent historic theater was reopened as the result of the conservation efforts that followed a disastrous fire.
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Ankara, Turkey

Temple of Augustus and Rome

Further conservation work is needed at the Temple of Augustus and Rome, which contains the two most complete inscriptions of the Deeds of the Divine Augustus in the world.
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Tripoli, Lebanon

International Fairground

Oscar Niemeyer’s design for the International Fairground was intended to serve as a showcase for Lebanon and signal the modern vision for the country’s development.
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Chinguetti, Mauritania

Chinguetti Mosque

Surrounded and sometimes nearly engulfed by the shifting dunes of the western Sahara, Chinguetti was established in the thirteenth century and is considered one of Islam's seven holy cities.