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Completed Project
Famagusta, Cyprus

Historic Walled City of Famagusta

Famagusta rose to prominence after a large number of Christians resettled in the city following the fall of the Levantine city of Acre to Saladin’s Muslim armies in 1291 during the Third Crusade.
Aerial view of the expanse of the tree-lined grid of El Vedado with its eclectic mix of architectural styles, 2014
Completed Project
Havana, Cuba

El Vedado

The historic character of El Vedado is being lost due to lack of investment in properties in the district, weak protective regulations, and the trend of inappropriate alterations.
Domed brick roof system of the School of Ballet, showing biological growth and water damages, 2015
Havana, Cuba

National Art Schools

Even though they are recognized as landmarks of modernism, the National Art Schools remain in need of an integrated approach to the care and management of buildings and landscape.
Completed Project
Split, Croatia

Diocletian's Palace

A comprehensive restoration project protected the physical fabric of Emperor Diocletian’s palace, preserving an important example of Roman architecture that shows the breadth of the former empire.
Completed Project
Yunnan Province, China

Shaxi Market Area

The revitalization and restoration of the Shaxi Market Area has allowed for an increased understanding of the town’s cultural, ethnic, and religious traditions.
Completed Project
Chengde, China

Puning Temple Statues

The buildings at the imperial mountain resort at Chengde were built in stages between 1703 and 1792 and were where Qing emperors from Kangxi (r.1661-1722) onwards spent much of their time.
Completed Project
Shanghai, China

Ohel Rachel Synagogue

Jewish communities have existed in China for over 13 centuries, but today architectural traces are hard to find.
The main entrance to the General Cemetery of Santiago, 2006
Santiago, Chile

General Cemetery of Santiago

The General Cemetery of Santiago, the burial place of presidents and hundreds of other luminaries, has borne the brunt of many earthquakes and is now neglected by the city.
The Chug-Chug Geoglyphs are located along an ancient caravan route that connected two oases, the Calama and Quillagua, 2015
Calama and Maria Elena Municipalities, Chile

Chug-Chug Geoglyphs

The thousand-year-old Chug-Chug Geoglyphs depend on the establishment of an archaeological park to protect, preserve, and interpret the site.
Completed Project

Easter Island (Rapa Nui)—Rano Raraku

Easter Island, one of the world’s most remote inhabited places, 3,700 kilometers off the coast of South America, is home to an extraordinary archaeological heritage that spans over a thousand years.
Orongo - Mata Ngarau, May 2011
Active Project
Easter Island, Chile

Easter Island (Rapa Nui)—Orongo

Easter Island, a special territory of Chile that was annexed in 1888, is most famous for the hundreds moai statues scattered throughout its coastline.