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Tonbridge, Kent, England, United Kingdom

Hadlow Tower

From a distance, the 170-foot-tall Hadlow Tower appears as a slender skyscraper rising from the flat Kent landscape.
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Kas, Turkey

Patara Archaeological Site

Wide, protective sandy beaches and a deep Mediterranean bay helped make Patara the wealthy capital of the Lycian-Pamphylian province during the Roman Empire.
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Karima, Sudan

Gebel Barkal

Gebel Barkal is an isolated sandstone butte alongside the Nile that marks the site of the ancient city of Napata.
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Angono, Rizal, Philippines

Angono Petroglyphs

Discovered in 1965, the Angono Petroglyphs are believed to be the oldest known artworks in the Philippines.
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Chihuahua, Mexico

Carolina Hacienda

The last generation of wealthy landowners to emerge in Mexico to build elaborate haciendas within huge land tracts arose during the dictatorship of Diaz, president from1876 until 1911.
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Rome, Italy

Farnese Nymphaeum

Many wealthy and powerful families of sixteenth-century Rome bought property on the Palatine Hill, where they built elaborate gardens filled with sculpture and fountains.
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Padua, Veneto, Italy

Botanical Garden of Padua University

Just beyond the boundaries of the world's oldest botanical garden, a large apartment building with an underground garage is being constructed.
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Ancona, Marche, Italy

Arch of Trajan

In an unlikely setting of towering loading-dock cranes, piles of coal, and railroad tracks stands the Arch of Trajan, one of the most intact ancient Roman commemorative monuments.
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Haifa, Israel


An anomaly in the urban fabric of Haifa is the German Colony, within which the two buildings of the Gemeindehaus complex are situated.
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County Offaly, Ireland


Clonmacnoise is a beautiful complex of ruins - churches, towers, a castle, three high crosses, and hundreds of Early Christian cross slabs.