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Oaxaca, Mexico

Monte Albán Archaeological Site

The ancient Zapotec metropolis of Monte Albán was founded in the 6th century BC on a flattened mountain overlooking the city of Oaxaca.
Chaco Culture National Historical Park
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McKinley County, New Mexico, United States

Chaco Culture National Historical Park

The Chaco Culture National Historical Park contains the greatest concentration of prehistoric ruins in the United States.
Festspielhaus Hellerau, credit: Wikimedia Commons/Stephan Floß
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Hellerau, Dresden, Saxony, Germany

Festspielhaus Hellerau

The Festspielhaus Hellerau is one of the birthplaces of modernism as well as an important artifact of European architectural and cultural history.
Eastern facade of Hathai Paur (Elephant Gate), after restoration
Completed Project
Gohad, Madhya Pradesh, India

Gateways of Gohad Fort

Recovering the integrity of the monument and revival of craftsmen with minimum and reversible intervention, the project at Gohad Fort is a model for sustainable management for other heritage preservation projects in India.
Prajna Mother Buddha Hall, north
Shigatse, China

Zhalu Monastery

Zhalu Monastery, founded in the early eleventh century, is now one of the oldest surviving religious complexes in the Himalayas having served as a center of Tibetan Buddhist monastic life for a millennia.
Macusani, Peru
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Macusani and Corani, Peru

Macusani-Corani Rock Art

Between the years 2000 and 2007, more than 100 sites containing ancient pictographs painted on volcanic rock were discovered in the Macusani and Corani districts of Puno, Peru.
Paradesi Synagogue
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Kochi, India

Paradesi Synagogue

Paradesi Synagogue, in the southern Indian port city of Kochi, is the oldest synagogue in India as well as the entire British Commonwealth.
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Split, Croatia

Split Historic Center

Diocletian's splendid palace at Split stood alone until the 7th century, when refugees fleeing the destruction of nearby Salona, the capital of the Roman province of Dalmatia, transformed it into a town.
Completed Project
Florence, Italy

The Great Synagogue of Florence

The Jewish community in Florence is one of the oldest continuous congregations in Europe, with origins dating to the early fourteenth century.
Active Project
Cantabria, Spain

La Garma

The rock art in La Garma and the surrounding caves make up one of the best archaeological sequences in Europe, with evidence of human activity spanning over 300,000 years, up until the Middle Ages.
CRAFT student performing hands-on work
Priority Project
Beijing, China

CRAFT Educational Program

CRAFT is the first, formal conservation-training program in China that has been designed to meet international standards.