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Vila Nova de Foz Côa, Guarda District, Portugal

Côa Valley Petroglyphs

An archaeological survey in preparation for construction of a dam on the Côa River revealed a surprising discovery - Paleolithic rock art outcroppings along 17 kilometers on both sides of the valley.
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Vågåmo, Norway

Vågå Old Church

Set in the landlocked mountains north of Jotunheimen, Vågå Old Church represents a singular case among the renowned stave- or timber-framed churches of Norway.
Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China

Liao Dynasty Site

Since 1989, important finds have been made in the southeastern area of Inner Mongolia, once home to the Hong Shan - a Bronze Age prairie culture, and later the first site of the Liao culture.
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Tyre, Lebanon

Ancient Tyre

Tyre, situated approximately 50 miles south of Beirut, was founded by Phoenician settlers in the third millennium BC.
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Salerno, Italy

Grottoes of San Michele

Along a narrow valley in the Picentini Mountains, the flowing water of the Tusiano River gradually excavated a deep natural cavern on the western slopes of Monte Raione.
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Angono, Rizal, Philippines

Angono Petroglyphs

Discovered in 1965, the Angono Petroglyphs are believed to be the oldest known artworks in the Philippines.
Haifa, Israel


An anomaly in the urban fabric of Haifa is the German Colony, within which the two buildings of the Gemeindehaus complex are situated.
County Offaly, Ireland


Clonmacnoise is a beautiful complex of ruins - churches, towers, a castle, three high crosses, and hundreds of Early Christian cross slabs.
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Tetristskaro District, Pitareti Village, Georgia

Pitareti Monastery

Located some 25 some from Tbilisi, Pitareti Monastery sits in a secluded landscape surrounded by mountains.
Quito, Ecuador

La Compañia Church

The Jesuit church in Quito is one of the most significant baroque structures of South America.
Lopud Island, near Dubrovnik, Croatia

Lopud Franciscan Monastery

The islands dotting the Dalmatian shoreline form one of the most beautiful scenic areas of the Adriatic coast.