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Ramle Municipality, Israel

Ramla White Mosque

Israel’s oldest mosque outside Jerusalem (according to historians) now stands in a town with a mixed population of Muslims, Jews, and Christians.
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Clonfert, County Galway, Ireland

Saint Brendan's Cathedral

Clonfert Cathedral, also known as St. Brendan's Cathedral, is a twelfth-century Hiberno-Romanesque structure on the site of Saint Brendan's sixth-century monastery in Clonfert, Ireland.
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Nias, Indonesia

Omo Hada

Omo Hada is a rare surviving eighteenth-century traditional Indonesian village.
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Talaulim, Goa, India

Saint Anne Church

The Church of Saint Anne, also known as Sant'Ana or Santana Church, is the parish church of the small village of Talaulim, located about 10 miles from Panjim, the capital of Goa.
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Panchmahal, India


In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, the city of Champaner was an important post along the trade route linking the states of Malwa and Gujarat in western India.
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Dessau, Germany

Gartenreich Dessau-Wörltz

In 1765, a visionary prince, Leopold III Friedrich Franz of Anhalt-Dessau, collaborated with Friedrich Wilhelm von Erdmannsdorff to develop Gartenreich Dessau-Wörlitz alongside the Elbe River.
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Zemo Artsevi Village, Georgia

Ikorta Church of the Archangel

According to lapidary inscriptions on its exterior walls, King George III of Georgia commissioned the construction Ikorta Church in 1172.
Cuscatlán, El Salvador

Suchitoto City

By the end of El Salvador's 12-year-long civil war in 1992, much of the population of Suchitoto City had vanished, even though the city was left largely intact.
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Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata Lighthouse

Built in 1879 by R. Deeley & Co., a New York firm, the Puerto Plata Lighthouse once served as a beacon for ships traversing the Atlantic.
Havana, Cuba

Santa Teresa de Jesús Cloisters

When nuns established the Santa Teresa convent in 1707 and the cloisters later in the century, they employed Havana's most skilled carpenters, muralists, tile makers, and other artisans.
Vukovar, Croatia

Vukovar City Center

The city of Vukovar -, a medieval fortress, and a royal seat - rose from the devastation of an eighteenth-century Turkish occupation to become one of the most significant cities in Croatia.