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Yuci City, Shanxi, China

Xuanjian Tower

Xuanjian Tower, part of a complex dating to the thirteenth century, is the main feature of the Town God’s Temple in Yuci.
Sultan Qa'itbay Complex, 1999.
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Cairo, Egypt

Sultan Qa'itbay Complex

Mamluk sultan Qa’itbay’s fountain-school complex was constructed in 1477 in central Cairo.
Abdulazizkhan, front facade
Bukhara, Uzbekistan


Unlike other traditional Central Asian mosques, the Medrese Abdulazizkhan in the center of Bukhara featured four iwans (alcoves) positioned around a courtyard.
Roofscape around Khoo Kongsi Square, Georgetown, Malaysia
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Georgetown, Penang Island, Malaysia

George Town Historic Enclave

George Town, established as a British trading port in 1786, displays its vivid and varied cultural heritage through the array of buildings and architectural styles found along its streets.
Mnajdra Prehistoric Temples, Malta
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Qrendi, Malta

Mnajdra Prehistoric Temples

The Mnajdra Prehistoric Temples lie along the southern coast of Malta amidst the blue waters of the central Mediterranean.
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Cusco, Peru

Cusco Historic Center

In a fertile valley in southeastern Peru, at an elevation of 3,400 meters, the Incas established the important settlement of Cusco in the twelfth century.
Tour and Taxis, 1997
Brussels, Belgium

Tour and Taxis (Transport Hub)

Beginning in the early 20th century, Belgian railroad, customs, and maritime interests converged at Tour and Taxis, a model transportation hub designed by architect Van Humbeek.
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Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi Historic District

Located at a crossroads of Europe and Asia on the famous Silk Road, Tbilisi faced repeated invasions since its founding in the fifth century as rival powers have sought to control its strategic position.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Eastern State Penitentiary

More than 300 prisons around the world were based on the design and system used at Eastern State Penitentiary.
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Madera Municipality, Mexico

Madera Cave Dwellings

The Madera Cave dwellings are pre-Colombian sculpted clay structures nestled in the natural caves and cliffs in Chihuahua’s western Sierra Madre.
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Veracruz, Mexico

San Juan de Ulúa Fort

For nearly 350 years, the San Juan de Ulúa Fort in Veracruz served as the primary military stronghold of the Spanish Empire in the Americas.
Enfeh, Lebanon

Enfeh Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Enfeh in Lebanon was threatened by a proposed expansion of the adjacent port that would have compromised the site’s integrity.