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Hyderabad, India

Osmania Women's College

Osmania Women’s College has a gripping history and an important modern function, but years of decline and faulty repair put its structural stability at risk.
Partial collapse of the White Monastery's north wall, February 2022. Photo courtesy of Dr. Nicholas Warner.
Sohag, Egypt

White and Red Monasteries

Two monastic churches, among the best-preserved in Egypt, stand at the edge of civilization near the village of Sohag, amid what may be one of the richest surviving Coptic archaeological sites.
Oyon San Pedro de Tongos
Taucur, Andajes, La Chimba, Nava, Quichas, Mallay, and Rapaz, Peru

Oyón Valley Missionary Chapels

The 40 surviving chapels in the Oyón Valley were built in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries as part of a Spanish program to convert Peru’s indigenous population to Christianity.
Rapaz, Peru

San Cristóbal de Rapaz Church

In the 16th and 17th centuries colonial Catholic missions were established in the Oyón Valley in Peru and built in a style described as Rural Andean Baroque.
Deçan and Peć, Republic of Kosovo

Dečani and Peć Monasteries

The Peć Monastery comprises four churches built from the early-thirteenth through the mid-fourteenth century, the largest being that of Holy Apostles.
Completed Project
Rio Abiseo National Park, Peru

Los Pinchudos Archaeological Site

Among rock shelters, ceremonial structures, houses, terraces, and funerary chambers is the cemetery of Los Pinchudos, a key feature of the National Park of Río Abiseo.
Karnataka, India

Anegundi Historic Settlement

Founded in the tenth century, the fortified city of Anegundi on the northern bank of the mighty Tungabhadra River has played an integral role in Indian history.
Butuceni, Moldova

Barbary-Bosia Monastery Complex

The elaborately decorated surfaces of the Bosie Church and accompanying monks' cells were carved from a cave complex above the Raut River between 1665 and 1675.
Cities of Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Poti, and Dusheti, Georgia

Art Nouveau Buildings

Georgia is renowned for its ancient monuments but a more recent layer of history is reflected in its towns' marvelous array of Art Nouveau building; all done in the style of the turn of the 19 century.
Belomorsky and Pudozhsky Districts, Republic of Karelia, Russia

Karelian Petroglyphs

The petroglyphs of the Karelian Republic include elaborate scenes of warfare, religious ritual, seafaring, and even skiing, carved into the red granite of the White Sea coast.