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Bagni di Lucca, Italy

Chains Bridge

Il Ponte della Catene, or the Chains Bridge, spans the Lima River in Tuscany, connecting the towns of Fomoli and Chifenti.
Kiryat Tiv'on, Haifa District, Israel

Bet She'arim Archaeological Site

The religious-social leadership of the Israelite nation, Bet She'arim became the preeminent Jewish cultural center following the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70.
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Nias, Indonesia

Omo Hada

Omo Hada is a rare surviving eighteenth-century traditional Indonesian village.
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Kinnaur Region, Himachal Pradesh, India

Nako Temples

Situated 3,600 meters above the Spiti River, Nako is one of the most isolated villages on earth.
Delhi, India

Lutyens Bungalow Zone

In 1911, the British Government of India decided to move the country's administrative capital from Calcutta to Delhi, inaugurating New Delhi in 1931.
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Peten, Guatemala

Piedras Negras

Piedras Negras (Black Stones) was the capital of a Maya kingdom that stretched along the banks of Central America’s Usumacinta River between the 4th century BC and the 9th century AD.
Palaikastro, Greece

Palaikastro Archaeological Site

Located on the eastern shore of Crete, Palaikastro is the only Minoan city to have survived intact - its harbor, outlying settlements, and sanctuaries preserved under 2,000 years of sediment.
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Heidelberg, Germany

Karl-Theodor Bridge

Over more than 700 years, nine bridges were built in succession at a single spot along Europe's Neckar River, where the waterway weaves through the German city of Heidelberg.
Sighnaghi, Kakheti Region, Georgia

Bodbe Cathedral

Enclosed in Bodbe Cathedral is the grave of St. Nino, a most remarkable female figure in the early history of Christianity.
Cairo, Egypt

Sultan Al-Muayyad Hospital

Commissioned by the Mamluk Sultan Al Muayyad Shaikh Ak Mahmudi (r 1412-21), the Bimaristan, or Sultan al Muayyad Hospital, was founded in 1418 as Cairo's main infirmary.