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Tbilisi, Georgia

Tbilisi Historic District

Located at a crossroads of Europe and Asia on the famous Silk Road, Tbilisi faced repeated invasions since its founding in the fifth century as rival powers have sought to control its strategic position.
Nurio, Mexico

Inmaculada Concepción Chapel

Inmaculada Concepcion Chapel was constructed as part of a hospital complex, one of several built by Vasco de Qiroga, the Spanish Renaissance humanist and bishop of Michoacán.
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Veracruz, Mexico

San Juan de Ulúa Fort

For nearly 350 years, the San Juan de Ulúa Fort in Veracruz served as the primary military stronghold of the Spanish Empire in the Americas.
Enfeh, Lebanon

Enfeh Archaeological Site

The archaeological site of Enfeh in Lebanon was threatened by a proposed expansion of the adjacent port that would have compromised the site’s integrity.
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Ankara, Turkey

Temple of Augustus and Rome

Further conservation work is needed at the Temple of Augustus and Rome, which contains the two most complete inscriptions of the Deeds of the Divine Augustus in the world.
Moscow, Russia

Narkomfin Building

Built between 1928 and 1930 and designed by Moisei Ginzburg and Ignatii Milinis for employees of the National Finance Ministry, the Narkomfin building is a seminal monument of Modern architecture.
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Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar Historic Center

The Ottomans conquered Mostar in 1463 and brought Islamic influences and urban growth to the small town straddling the banks of the Nerevta River.
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Migori District, Kenya

Thimlich Ohinga Cultural Landscape

Built in the 14th century on a hill, Thimlich Ohinga is a complex surrounded by stone walls now partially covered under Savannah bush land.
Erbil Citadel, photo courtesy of High Commission for Erbil Citadel Revitalization
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Erbil, Iraq

Erbil Citadel

Settled more than 6,000 years ago, Erbil Citadel is thought to be one of the longest continuously inhabited sites in the world.
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Subotica, Serbia

Subotica Synagogue

Designed in the late 1890s and built in 1902, Subotica Synagogue is among the most impressive examples of art nouveau ecclesiastical architecture in the region.
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Dubrovnik, Croatia

Maritime Quarantine-Lazareti

Between the 14th and 16th centuries, Dubrovnik was a key trading hub, and its lazaret, or quarantine station, was built in 1627 to isolate the ill and prevent plagues.