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Bumbusi rock markings, Zimbabwe
Matabeleland, Zimbabwe

Bumbusi National Monument

The Bumbusi National Monument comprises the remains of colossal sandstone walls, boulders, platforms, and dwellings dating to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Cleaning drainage gutters, Babylon, Iraq, 2012

Cultural Heritage Sites of Iraq

Long known as "the cradle of civilization," Iraq is home to more than 10,000 cultural heritage sites, including Sumar, where evidence of the earliest writings in the world are preserved.
Completed Project
Arequipa, Peru

Santa Catalina Monastery

The Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena was built in 1579 and is located in the historical center of Arequipa, Peru.
Gelati Monastery and Academy, 2008.
Kutaisi, Georgia

Gelati Monastery and Academy

The architectural complex of the Gelati Monastery and Academy in central Georgia is one of the country's most treasured religious and cultural landmarks.
Montemar Institute of Marine Biology, Chile
Viña del Mar, Chile

Montemar Institute of Marine Biology

Designed by Chilean architect Enrique Gebhard, the Montemar Institute of Marine Biology has been described as one of the most successful examples of South American modernist architecture.
Saint-Louis Island, Senegal
Saint-Louis, Senegal

Saint-Louis Island

A World Heritage site since 2000, the small island city of Saint-Louis suffered from inadequate planning and uncontrolled urban growth.
Hill of Tara, Ireland
Meath, Ireland

Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara is considered the ceremonial and mythical capital of Ireland, and is the centerpiece of a large archaeological landscape with hundreds of significant sites.
Cardross, Scotland, United Kingdom

St. Peter's College, Cardross

St. Peter's College, a modernist architectural wonder designed as a Catholic seminary, is undergoing a unique transformation into an arts center.
Barcelona, Spain

Joan Miró Foundation

Barcelona's Joan Miró Foundation was one of the first contemporary art museums in Spain.
Cork, Ireland

Vernon Mount

Politically motivated destruction of country houses was once commonplace in Ireland.
Fenestrelle, Turin, Italy

Fenestrelle Fortress

Fenestrelle Fortress was intended to serve as an impenetrable barrier for Italy in the eighteenth century.