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Testour, Béja Governorate, Tunisia

Old Town of Testour

Tthe Old Town of Testour was established in the early seventeenth century by Jewish and Muslim communities fleeing the Spanish Inquisition on the Iberian Peninsula.
near Dushak, Ahal Province, Turkmenistan

Ulug Depe

Spanning 35 acres and elevated 100 feet above the surrounding landscape, the ancient settlement of Ulug Depe is an impressive site of earthen archaeological remains.
Saint Helena

Saint Helena

Saint Helena does not benefit from most government conservation funding, but a new airport promises to bring heritage-related tourism to the island.
Nuseirat, Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territory

Tell Umm El-'Amr (Saint Hilarion Monastery)

Located on coastal dunes 10 kilometers south of Gaza City, the archaeological remains of Tell Umm el-‘Amr span more than four centuries, from the late Roman Empire to the Umayyad period.
Lisbon, Portugal

Jardim Botânico de Lisboa

The botanical garden of Lisbon was established by the former Escola Politécnica de Lisboa to complement teaching and research at the school, and was laid out between 1873 and 78.
Radruż, Subcarpathian Voivodeship, Poland

St. Paraskewa Church

The late-sixteenth-century Greek Catholic Church of St. Paraskewa is constructed of hewn logs laid horizontally, clad with wooden shingles, and capped with a steeply pitched roof.
Nasca, Ica Region, Peru

Lines and Geoglyphs of Nasca

The Nasca Lines are an iconic symbol of Peruvian heritage, but the massive distance they span makes their protection a constant challenge.
Panama City, Panama

Way On Cemetery

Way On Cemetery, the first burial place for members of Panama’s Chinese community, was designed in accordance with feng shui and numerology traditions.
Completed Project
Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Canterbury Provincial Government Buildings

19th century colonial settlers to New Zealand constructed government buildings reminiscent of those in London, combining the English Gothic Revival style with local flourishes.
Gradsko, Macedonia


The ancient city of Stobi lies at the confluence of the Crna and Vardar Rivers, and was an important urban, military, administrative, trade, and religious center of the Roman and Byzantine empires.