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Completed Project
Iaşi, Romania

Great Synagogue of Iaşi

The Great Synagogue is the oldest extant synagogue in Romania and is one of two surviving synagogues in a city that once housed over 100 Jewish houses of worship.
Reception House Interior, 2/3/2012
Completed Project
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, United States

George Nakashima House, Studio, and Workshop

Combining international styles and modern influences with Japanese craft traditions, George Nakashima's work was a significant force in the American craft movement of the mid-twentieth century.

Cultural Heritage Sites of Syria

Armed conflict continues to threaten Syrian historic sites, but local and international professionals, institutions, and volunteers are working together to preserve the country’s cultural heritage.
Cultural Heritage Sites of Mali

Cultural Heritage Sites of Mali

When armed conflict broke out in Mali in 2012, the country’s rich trove of architectural traditions and historic sites became emblematic of the dangers that warfare can pose to cultural heritage.
Kannon-do Hall of Tenyu-ji Temple (Edo Period, 1766); Ogatsu Town; Ishinomaki City; Miyagi Prefecture; Japan., May 2013
Completed Project
Tōhoku and Kantō Regions, Japan

East Japan Earthquake Heritage Sites

When an earthquake struck East Japan in March 2011, the rebuilding of heritage structures became a major part of the recovery process for local communities.
The current dangerous route of the cruises through the historic center, 2nd September 2009
Completed Project
Venice, Veneto, Italy


A sustainable system for tourism management in Venice would safeguard the city’s historic treasures.
Completed Project
Rome, Italy

Farnese Aviaries

The Farnese Aviaries, admired by countless visitors since the sixteenth century, are among the best-preserved Renaissance remains on the Palatine Hill.
Building E-IX, north facade, July 2014
Completed Project
Petén Department, Guatemala


Conservation work and the development of a site management plan brought the local community together for the preservation of the archaeological remains at Uaxactun.
Car of Villaseca elevator (1907), linking Antonio Varas Avenue in the center of Valparaíso to Playa Ancha hill., c1996
Completed Project
Valparaíso, Chile

Elevators of Valparaíso

Restoration of Valparaíso’s historic funiculars jump-started several other conservation projects in the historic seaport.