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Fully restored Moseley Road Baths and Balsall Heath Library façade. Nov 2022
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Moseley Road Baths

Moseley Road Baths, an Edwardian time capsule still in use and serving a diverse urban community, is now at risk of closure due to cutbacks in government spending.
Moscow, Russia

Shukhov Tower

Ongoing vigilance is necessary to secure the future of the Shukhov Tower, an icon of the advent of modern technology and an engineering masterpiece of the early twentieth century.
Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

Colonial Churches of Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba’s historic churches and plazas have suffered from the impact of natural disasters and are currently endangered by a lack of resources that can be dedicated to conservation.
Wutai Township, Taiwan


The migration of the Kucapungane Rukai and the erosion of their traditional craft skills and beliefs is causing all evidence of their heritage to be slowly lost.
Various Locations

Unnamed Monument

Deliberate and calculated attacks on cultural heritage sites hurt local populations whose citizens are losing their cultural heritage and history.
Zaragoza, Spain

Averly Foundry

Most of the buildings at Averly Foundry, recognized widely as one of Spain’s most significant industrial complexes, were demolished in July 2016.
Wasta, Egypt

Abusir el-Malek

Looting archaeological sites like Abusir el-Malek erases irreplaceable information about human history and cultural milestones.
Quito, Ecuador

Church and Convent of San Francisco

The Church and Convent of San Francisco is facing the pressure of balancing large numbers of worshippers and visitors with the needs of maintenance and upkeep.
Active Project
Seville, Spain

Convents of Seville

The dwindling monastic vocation poses a serious challenge to the future of Seville’s remaining cloistered convents.
National Sports Complex of Cambodia
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

National Sports Complex of Cambodia

The National Sports Complex is used daily by Phnom Penh residents for recreation and social gatherings, and yet there are mounting fears of encroachment and loss of the space as a community asset.
Arch of Janus
Completed Project
Rome, Italy

Arch of Janus

The Arch of Janus is the last monument of the Forum Boarium that remains unrestored.