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Ben Moore Hotel (c)William Abranowicz
Alabama, United States

Alabama Civil Rights Sites

Renewed stakeholder engagement will bring care and attention to a group of sites associated with key events in the Civil Rights movement.
Mosul, Iraq

Al-Hadba’ Minaret

Once a landmark of Mosul, the al-Hadba' Minaret was ignominiously destroyed, leaving the future of the site uncertain.
Active Project
Versailles, France

Potager Du Roi

Stakeholders are poised to reimagine the stewardship of the historic kitchen garden of the Palace of Versailles, a place of instruction and experimentation.
YEM Ta'izz - hero
Active Project
Ta'izz, Yemen

Old City of Ta’izz

Yemen's medieval capital has become a battlefield, galvanizing local efforts to survey the damage and plan for future conservation efforts.
USA Buffalo - hero
Buffalo, New York, United States

Buffalo Central Terminal

Investment in the redevelopment of the Buffalo Central Terminal would give new life to an architectural landmark and to the surrounding community.
GBR Blackpool - hero
Blackpool, United Kingdom

Blackpool Piers

Climate change threatens the historic piers of Blackpool, as sea-level rise exacerbates the impact of storm surge caused by extreme weather events.
THA Chao Phraya - hero
Bangkok, Thailand

Chao Phraya River

The proposed construction of an elevated promenade threatens to irreversibly transform the city of Bangkok's historic relation to the Chao Phraya River.
SYR Aleppo Souk - hero
Aleppo, Syria

Souk of Aleppo

Rehabilitation of the historic souk, a great symbol of the city, will pave the way for the recovery of Aleppo, after the city's social fabric has been torn apart by years of brutal conflict.
ESP Tebaida - hero
Completed Project
El Bierzo, León, Spain

Tebaida Leonesa

The rural communities of the Tebaida Leonesa face the challenges of preserving the character of their villages and landscape in the face of growing tourism and development.
PER Cerro - hero
Completed Project
Cañete Valley, Peru

Cerro de Oro

A monumental archaeological site seeks sustainable development solutions as it contends with looting and encroachment.