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View of a segment of the Canal Nacional, with the Colorines bridge in the foreground, 2018.
Completed Project
Mexico City, Mexico

Canal Nacional

Community stewards of Mexico's oldest man-made waterway demand a seat at the table as government plans for a new park push forward.
A street in Iwamatsu District, 2019.
Active Project
Uwajima, Ehime Prefecture, Japan

Iwamatsu District

Preservation and designation of a historic coastal town built on the legacy of sake brewing can reverse the trend of depopulation.
The exterior of the Inari-yu bathhouse seen from the street, 2018.
Completed Project
Kita, Tokyo, Japan

Inari-yu Bathhouse

The community behind one of Tokyo's fast-disappearing neighborhood bathhouses seeks to preserve this central element of a traditional way of life while diversifying its use.
The Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium was one of the first folded-plate structures in India, 2018.
Completed Project
Ahmedabad, India

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium

An architectural icon in need of repair can continue to provide opportunities for recreation and access to public space for the residents of Ahmedabad.
Bijapur’s Asar Mahal faces a large pool to the east. Photo credit: Joginder Singh.
Active Project
Karnataka and Maharashtra, India

Historic Water Systems of the Deccan Plateau

Revitalization of traditional water management systems and the recovery of local knowledge can help address the water crisis for contemporary communities.
The recently restored Keselo fortifications, originally dating from the thirteenth century, 2017.
Completed Project

Tusheti National Park

The Tush community seeks to ensure that regional development in eastern Georgia will promote sustainable tourism and will not disrupt their livelihoods.
View of the Bennerley Viaduct from the east, 2017.
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, England

Bennerley Viaduct

Local stewards of a rare survivor of the Industrial Age seek to revive it as a community asset for recreation and access to the natural environment.
Courtyard house located at 12 Calle Montero, recently converted into a housing cooperative for six families, 2018.
Córdoba, Spain

Courtyard Houses of Axerquía

New solutions will mitigate the effects of depopulation, gentrification, and the boom of the modern tourism industry on this historic urban housing typology
The south façade of the building, seen from the open space to its south, 2018.
Asyut, Egypt

Alexan Palace

Local initiative can transform a grand historic residence, now shuttered, into a museum for citizens and visitors to Asyut.
The Ontario Place Cinesphere, Pods, and Lagoon seen from the southwest, 2013.
Toronto, Canada

Ontario Place

A modern mega-structure, currently closed and at risk of redevelopment, can continue to foster exchange across population groups as a recreational center.
A Batammariba village in Togo, 2016. Photo credit: Damien Halleux Radermecker
Active Project
Benin and Togo

Koutammakou, Land of the Batammariba

Conservation of traditional dwellings will help the Batammariba people remain in their historic homeland and preserve their way of life.
This colorful 1910 Georges Baussan house was built for the founder of Haiti’s first Chamber of Commerce., February 2009
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Gingerbread Neighborhood

International collaboration focused on the recovery of the Gingerbread Neighborhood of Port-au-Prince after the devastating earthquake of January 2010.