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Oviedo, Spain

Oviedo Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral Basilica of the Holy Saviour in Oviedo, built between the ninth and the sixteenth centuries, displays architectural styles from pre-Romanesque to Baroque.
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Monterroso/Lugo, Spain

Pazo de San Miguel Das Penas

Twelve centuries of art and architecture are chronicled in the buildings found in the hills of northwestern Spain.
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Mallorca, Spain

Windmills of Mallorca

Flour windmills from the 16th to the 19th centuries, are still a significant feature of the landscape of the Balearic Islands, and are a strong symbol of prosperity and engineering acumen.
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Barcelona, Spain

Joan Miró Foundation

Barcelona's Joan Miró Foundation was one of the first contemporary art museums in Spain.
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Nurio, Mexico

Inmaculada Concepción Chapel

Inmaculada Concepcion Chapel was constructed as part of a hospital complex, one of several built by Vasco de Qiroga, the Spanish Renaissance humanist and bishop of Michoacán.
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Tzintzuntzan, Michoacán, Mexico

San Francisco de Tzintzunzan Convent

San Francisco de Tzintzuntzan Convent was the first foundation of the Franciscan Order in New Spain created for the conversion of the indigenous population to Christianity.
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Tecpatán, Chiapas, Mexico

Santo Domingo de Guzmán

Santo Domingo de Guzmán was built in the 16th century and the complex consists of a masonry church and convent constructed out of stone in the Renaissance style.
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Cholula, Mexico

San Gabriel Convent in Cholula

The San Gabriel Convent dates to 1520 and was built by the Spanish on a site that previously had a temple dedicated to a pre-Columbian deity.
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Oaxaca, Mexico

San Juan Bautista de Coixtlahuaca

San Juan Bautista de Coixtlahuaca Convent was built by the Dominicans between 1545 and 1596 in the highly-ornate Plateresque style, whose name derives from the Spanish word for silver (plata).
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Puebla, Mexico

Palafoxiana Library

The Palafoxiana Library dates to 1646 when a personal collection of approximately 5,000 volumes was contributed to the Colegio de San Juan y San Pedro by Bishop Juan de Palafox y Mendoza.