WMF Peru

Established in 2014, WMF Peru serves as a local representative for WMF, assisting with project management and outreach.

Juan Carlos Verme Giannoni
Interim Chair/President, World Monuments Fund Peru

Martha Zegarra Portella
Executive Director

Renata Tavara
Projects Coordinator 


  • Fernando Berckemeyer Olaechea
  • Roberto Dañino Zapata
  • Juan Pablo de la Puente Brunke
  • Xavier de Romaña Benson
  • Elizabeth Dulanto de Miro Quesada
  • Petrus Fernandini Bohlin
  • Claudia Ganoza de Barnechea
  • Marcela Ganoza Temple
  • Manuel Ugarte Maggiolo
In Focus

Our Local Projects

PER Cerro - hero
Active Project

Cerro de Oro

Cañete Valley, Peru
A monumental archaeological site seeks sustainable development solutions as it contends with looting and encroachment.
Fortress, January 2011
Active Project


San Rafael District, Peru
Chankillo was built as a fortified temple complex over 2,300 years ago in the coastal desert of Peru, near the Casma-Sechín river basin.
Deterioration of mortars that cover the back of the vault., April 2008
Active Project

Historic Towns of the Colca Valley

Arequipa, Peru
The churches of the Colca Valley were built in the seventeenth century and have not been modified much since.
Active Project

Cajamarca Historic Center

Cajamarca, Peru
A region originally settled by pre-Inca cultures, the historic center of Cajamarca is remarkable for its well-preserved Baroque architecture constructed of volcanic stone and characterized by ornate façades.
Túcume, Peru, 2018.
Active Project

Túcume Archaeological Site

Located in the Lambayeque Region in the District of Túcume, Peru
Túcume Archaeological Site is located on Peru’s arid north coast and stretches across 220 hectares.