WMF Peru

Established in 2014, WMF Peru serves as a local representative for WMF, assisting with project management and outreach.


WMF first became involved in Peru in 1997, when a call to develop a conservation and urban rehabilitation plan for a twelve-block stretch in Cusco's Historic Center. Three years later, a group of local personalities led by Marcela Temple founded the Committee for Conservation of Peru’s Heritage Sites, to support WMF’s growing involvement there. Its inaugural project at Huaca de la Luna was supported by a $1 million grant through the Robert W. Wilson Challenge to Conserve Our Heritage. In 2014, the Committee became WMF Peru, establishing WMF’s affiliate office in the region.

Over the years, WMF Peru has carried out important recovery projects for historical and archaeological monuments including the Huaca de la Luna Archaeological Site, the San Pedro Apóstol de Andahuaylillas Church, and the Chankillo Archaeological Site. Through these projects, the affiliate has established partnerships with public, private, and academic sectors and the surrounding communities of each project where it works, especially those in rural areas.

On the occasion of WMF’s 55th anniversary, WMF Peru will initiate three site-recovery projects, two of them related to commemorative celebrations of Peru’s Bicentennial of Independence in July 2021. These projects include the restoration of the Lima Art Museum’s façade with a grant from the European Union, and the landscape design and renovation proposal of the Parque de la Exposición, made possible by real-estate company Centenario’s donation to the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima.



  • Juan Carlos Verme Giannoni, President
  • Martha Zegarra Portella, Vice President
  • Juan Pablo de la Puente Brunke
  • Xavier de Romaña Benson
  • Elizabeth Dulanto de Miró Quesada
  • Petrus Fernandini Bohlin
  • Claudia Ganoza Temple
  • Marcela Ganoza Temple
  • Manuel Ugarte Magglolo


In Focus

Featured Projects

Fortress, January 2011
Completed Project


San Rafael District, Peru
Chankillo was built as a fortified temple complex over 2,300 years ago in the coastal desert of Peru, near the Casma-Sechín river basin.
Conserved facade presentation and celebration, January 18, 2012
Completed Project

Huaca de la Luna

Trujillo/La Libertad, Peru
Huaca de la Luna, or Temple of the Moon, was part of the ancient Moche capital built of millions of adobe blocks between the first and eighth centuries AD in northern Peru.