WMF Spain

Established in 1992, WMF Spain serves as a local representative for WMF, assisting with project management and outreach.

Juan Carlos Fierro
President, World Monuments Fund Spain

Pablo F. Longoria
Representative in Spain

WMF Spain
Garcia De Paredes, 94-3°A
Madrid, 28010, Spain
(34-91) 308-4698
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Our Local Projects

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La Garma

Cantabria, Spain
The rock art in La Garma and the surrounding caves make up one of the best archaeological sequences in Europe, with evidence of human activity spanning over 300,000 years, up until the Middle Ages.
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Güell Pavilions and Garden

Barcelona, Spain
One of Antoni Gaudí’s early works, the Güell Pavilions are not widely known because they have been mostly inaccessible to the public throughout their history.
Coffered and flat cealings. Final state, November 5, 2014
Active Project


Granada, Spain
The Alhambra was begun in the mid-thirteenth-century under Muhammad ibn al Ahmar, Emir of Granada, to serve as the palace and fortress complex of the Moorish Nasrid dynasty.
Active Project

The Salón Rico of the Palace of Medina Azahara

Córdoba, Spain
Abd-el-Rahman III commissioned the Medina Al-Zahra after elevating himself to Caliph of Córdob and to secure his supremacy in Al-Andalus in the middle of the tenth century.
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Parador de León (Hostal de San Marcos)

León, Spain
Located in northwestern Spain, the sixteenth-century Monastery-Hospital of San Marcos in León is one of the most important monuments of the Spanish Renaissance.
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Monastery of Santa Paula

Seville, Spain
The Monastery of Santa Paula in Seville was established in 1473 by Doña Ana de Santillana for nuns of the cloistered Order of Saint Jerome (also known as Hieronymites).
Active Project

Convents of Seville

Seville, Spain
The dwindling monastic vocation poses a serious challenge to the future of Seville’s remaining cloistered convents.