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Angkor Training Center Workshop

On November 14, WMF participated in a workshop organized by APSARA National Authority focused on conservation training at Angkor Archaeological Park. APSARA is the Cambodian authority responsible for all aspects of managing and protecting Angkor Archaeological Park.

After more than 20 years of international collaboration at Angkor and coordination through UNESCO's International Co-Coordinating Committee for the Safeguarding and Development of the Historic Site of Angkor, APSARA's personnel and the Cambodian professionals working throughout Angkor have gained much experience in conservation, site management, and improved visitor services. The November workshop was an opportunity for international teams and APSARA to share information on specific training topics, conservation challenges, and technical needs to advance the safeguarding measures at Angkor.

APSARA National Authority has created the Angkor Training Center to address job skills enhancement for the conservation needs at Angkor and to assist with developing the workforce necessary to manage all aspects of Angkor Archaeological Park. In addition to training for personnel, participants also reviewed technical requirements, equipment needs, scientific knowledge, and language skills as elements that are essential for continuing growth of ASPARA's capacity to manage Angkor and develop a cadre of professionals well prepared for the tasks to be undertaken for heritage stewardship.