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Babylon Site Management Plan Presented

At a press conference in Baghdad on March 8, 2015, the Iraq State Board of Antiquities and Heritage and World Monuments Fund presented the Babylon Site Management Plan to Adil Fahad Shrshab, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities.

The presentation of the plan was the culmination of six years of collaborative efforts made possible through funding from the U.S. Ambassadors Fund for Cultural Preservation, the Department of State, and the US Embassy in Baghdad. The occasion coincided with reports of more destruction to cultural heritage sites at Nimrud and Hatra, archaeological sites of great importance. The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage, and WMF hope the Babylon Site Management Plan will demonstrate the many positive efforts that continue to be undertaken by Iraqi heritage professionals in the wake of the current crisis in Iraq.

At the event, the minister exhibited the documentation drawings that have been prepared for Babylon’s Ishtar Gate. The detailed drawings, which were produced by four SBAH engineers under WMF mentorship, are the first of their kind in Iraq. The drawings are an important tool in documenting sites and demonstrate the pro-active risk management policies espoused by the BSMP. The successful implementation of the BSMP requires effective and transparent communication, a solid management structure, stronger existing affiliations between national and regional government, and the development of new, sustainable partners within a revised and enforceable legal framework. The management plan’s viability is integral to inscription on the World Heritage List. The plan was also presented to Sadik Madlol al-Sultani, Governor of Babylon, on March 11.