View of the Bayou docks.
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Discover the History of Africatown, USA, on Google Arts & Culture

View of the Bayou docks.

Founded by survivors of the last known ship to illegally bring enslaved Africans to the United States, the Alabama community of Africatown embodies the resilience of survivors. Today, the descendants of this founding generation are working to preserve their home’s unique heritage while ensuring that the benefits that tourism brings are sustainable and equitably distributed.

Learn about the riverside area of Hog Bayou and how environmental activists are working to preserve Africatown’s waterways after decades of environmental racism have left their mark on the area.

Hear about ongoing efforts to preserve the town’s historic church and cemetery from proposed infrastructure projects.

Explore the rich history of a local school that was once part of a historic Black educational initiative across the American South.

These exhibits are part of a larger collection devoted to Black heritage sites entitled The Black Atlantic.

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