Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home Entrance
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Discover the Story of Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home, Australia, on Google Arts and Culture

Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home Entrance

Between 1924 and 1970, hundreds of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, mostly boys, passed through the gates of Kinchela Aboriginal Boys Training Home, one of a network of institutions established by the Australian state that sought to instill white culture into Indigenous children. Taken from their families and held against their will, the boys at Kinchela Boys Home were routinely subjected to physical, psychological, and sexual abuse by staff. The trauma that resulted has had an enormous impact on the lives of the children—popularly known as the “Stolen Generations”—and their families.

World Monuments Fund (WMF) partnered with the Kinchela Boys Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) in 2022 to bring attention to the Survivors’ stories and their ongoing mission. Our latest group of Google Arts and Culture exhibits devoted to the site includes videos, archival photographs, and original interviews with Survivors.

Listen to Survivors recount their stories of trauma and resilience —and talk about their effort to reclaim the site as an institution of healing and national truth-telling:

Understand the role a national magazine played in masking the truth at Kinchela—and how Survivors are changing the narrative today:

Learn about the current state of the site and how Survivors’ perspectives on preserving the Home have evolved over time:

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should know that the exhibitions linked above include images and voices of deceased persons.

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