Empire State Building Shines in Honor of WMF's 55th Anniversary

I am thrilled to announce that tonight, the Empire State Building—home to World Monuments Fund’s global headquarters—will shine blue in honor of our 55th Anniversary.

For more than half a century, World Monuments Fund has been active in every corner of the globe, completing more than 700 projects from Venice to Easter Island, Sierra Leone to Myanmar. We work with communities to save their places of beauty and meaning, to create opportunities, and to find ways to keep stories from the past—stories that make us who we are—alive for generations to come.

The light from the Empire State Building serves as a beautiful reminder of the many possibilities that cultural heritage presents as we build our collective future.

So, tonight, between sundown and 2 am (EST), peek out your window, look up from the streets, or tune in via the ESB Live Cam online, to catch a glimpse of the lights and join us in recognizing this important milestone!