Fire engulfs Shuri Castle.
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Express Your Solidarity with Shuri Castle

Fire engulfs Shuri Castle.

Two days ago, the beloved Shuri Castle, a symbol of Okinawa Prefecture and popular tourist attraction in Naha, Japan, was engulfed in flames, causing the destruction of seven buildings in the complex. World Monuments Fund stands in solidarity with the people of Japan and stewards of Shuri Castle in the wake of this devastating fire. Now is the time for our community to come together to help them recover.

Shuri Castle was built in the late fourteenth century, and was once the seat of a kingdom that spanned 450 years. In 1945, the castle was destroyed by an air bombing during the Battle of Okinawa. In 1992, reconstruction of the site was completed based on historical records, photographs, and memory. In 2000, Shuri Castle was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shuri Castle, before the fire.

When disasters strike our cultural heritage sites, it is a reminder of the depth of human connection to heritage places and the trauma that their loss can bring. In light of this tragedy, we encourage you to share our Shuri Castle Facebook post with your community and leave a message of support in comments, which we will pass along to the site's stewards. Please also consider a special gift either directly to Shuri Castle to aid its recovery efforts, or to our Crisis Response Fund so that we can assist cultural treasures around the world when disaster unexpectedly strikes.

Thank you for all you do to champion important sites and their communities around the world.