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Ken’s Diligent Service in Beijing: Day 6

Had a bit of free time today, so ventured out to the Great Wall. I'd actually rate it more as a really-quite-good wall, or maybe a best-wall-I've-seen-in-a-long-while wall, or even an of-all-the-walls-I've-ever-seen-this-one-is-up-there wall, but I'm withholding great for white sharks and northern beans and Santinis.

Henry and Nancy gave a splendid presentation to the Beijing International Society this evening at the Belgian Embassy. The talk was enthusiastically received, and several interesting questions were raised, including our research into the plants that were growing in the Qianlong Garden when it was first built, and queries about forging partnerships with Chinese government bodies. All the questions were expertly fielded by the WMF team, and I even learned a few things myself.

We have a tour of the garden tomorrow morning with some of the folks from tonight's group; I'm going to hit the sack now so I'll be perky at 7:00 A.M.