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Ken’s Diligent Service in Beijing: Day 9

After gathering with my fellow WMFers for some strategizing and shopping, I had the afternoon to myself, so I tackled the Beijing subway solo (with a few semi-embarrassing bumps) and headed to Tiāntán Gōngyuán, the Temple of Heaven. It's one of the iconic spots that's a must-see, not just for the spectacular architecture, but also because it's a spot where average Beijingers love to gather, to ballroom dance, wave flags, and generally hang out.

I finished the day, having more-or-less mastered the subway, with a visit to Yonghegong, the lama temple in the northern part of the city. It's quite wonderful, but a photo won't do it justice without the smell of incense and the sounds of distant chanting, so you'll just have to come here and experience it for yourself.