L'Aquila, Italy

World Monuments Fund mourns the lives lost following the earthquake in the historic city of L'Aquila, Italy, on April 6, 2009.

As the people of L'Aquila recover from the terrible loss of life in the wake of the earthquake and begin to repair and rebuild their city, World Monuments Fund is committed to helping in the recovery efforts, bringing our expertise in disaster response to this devastated region.

The first and most pressing preservation need is a full assessment of the damage to the region's historic structures. Emergency interventions will prevent further damage to buildings destabilized by the earthquake, and will allow time to formulate conservation plans and develop guidelines for their implementation. When rebuilding begins, L'Aquila's sense of place will be restored.

Making the city's buildings better able to withstand earthquakes in the future is of paramount importance. Regular assessments and necessary repairs must be incorporated into a long-term recovery plan.

As our efforts in L'Aquila get underway, we will keep you informed about our progress. Please consider supporting our work in L'Aquila by donating to World Monuments Fund.