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Opposition to LG Headquarters by Palisades Growing

WMF continues to be involved with the effort to stop LG from building a new headquarters that would tower over the protected tree line of the Hudson River Palisades, destroying an unbroken natural vista treasured by millions of people in New Jersey, New York, and around the world.

The Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC recently had a very interesting discussion on the subject. He was flooded with calls and the neighbors think the prospect of a tall building poking up near their homes is a terrible idea. And they are right!

Last week, this creative video about the Palisades was distributed. The destructive nature of the proposed LG tower is obviously evident to hipsters as well as everyone else!

And now, in the Huffington Post, the CEO of US Green Building Council has come out in opposition.

Clearly the movement to protect the Palisades is picking up momentum, as it should. It’s more than a local issue; it’s a statewide, national, indeed an international issue. This is why it is on WMF’s 2014 World Monuments Watch.

Help us support saving the Palisades by signing our petition telling LG and and the city of Englewood Cliffs that it’s a bad idea.

LG’s new headquarters can be a low-rise building—beneath the tree line—and still create as many jobs and house as many workers as a distracting and inappropriate tower would.