Group Training Image with Trainees in Jordan 2019
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Spotlight from the Field: The Stonemasonry Trainees of Mafraq, Jordan

Group Training Image with Trainees in Jordan 2019

Trainees of WMF’s program to build heritage skills in Jordan share their experiences learning the stonemasonry craft, their thoughts on heritage for recovery, and their hopes for the future.


In Mafraq, Jordan, a group of dedicated students have been developing their conservation skills, learning the delicate art of stonemasonry and discovering the challenges heritage sites around the region are facing.

The stonemasonry capacity-building program in Jordan first started in 2017 as a way to renew community strength and rebuild heritage skills in anticipation of the conservation work that will be needed in post-war Syria and around the region. A second round of the program was completed in November 2019.

Four of the 2019 trainees shared their experiences with us, including the challenges of developing conservation skills, their hopes for the future, and the question of whether heritage can be a tool for healing and recovery.