Statement on Recent Extreme Weather Events and Natural Hazards Around the Globe

From a deadly heat wave in India to hurricanes in the United States and the Caribbean to devastating rains in Pakistan and Thailand, to name only a few, the past months have witnessed a series of extreme weather events and natural hazards around the globe. These disasters have caused tragic loss of life and destroyed entire neighborhoods while damaging numerous cultural heritage sites—a major blow to communities, their sense of security, and their economic well-being.
World Monuments Fund (WMF) stands in solidarity with those affected by these recent events and recognizes the role that human-caused climate change plays. Several of these disasters have impacted past and present WMF partners and their associated communities. The necropolis of Makli, a World Heritage Site included on the Watch in 2006, has been inundated by floodwaters affecting much of Pakistan’s Sindh Province. This summer’s heat wave in India, which exacerbated the nation’s water crisis, comes as WMF inventories the country’s historic water infrastructure to build resilience in the face of mounting water insecurity.
The number and severity of recent worldwide natural hazards underscore the urgent need for coordinated action on climate adaptation and resilience. In recent years, WMF has prioritized partnerships with communities heavily impacted by climate change. We renew that commitment now. As floodwaters recede, storms pass, and people reclaim damaged homes, we will continue to monitor conditions on the ground and support local partners in the emergency interventions and long-term planning that will lead to recovery.

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