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WMF Angkor Project Team Members Celebrate Years of Service

On July 25, WMF acknowledged the service and dedication of 31 Cambodians who have worked with WMF, primarily at Phnom Bakheng or Preah Khan, for more than 5 years. This is the second annual event WMF has organized to celebrate the contributions of the Cambodian professionals who work as architects, archaeologists, engineers, conservators, documentation specialists, and site workers. Without their efforts, these projects would not be possible In 2014, 31 people were awarded a certificate of appreciation and a special bonus to honor their years of service.

Many Cambodian craftsmen have been working with WMF for a considerable period of time. Remarkably, some of those working at Phnom Bakheng started with WMF in the early 1990s when the conservation program was just launching. Today there are 16 workers who have been with WMF more than 15 years and about 90 who have been working with the organization since 2009 or 2010.