WMF Solidarity with Yemen after Devastating Floods

After devastating floods, World Monuments Fund stands in solidarity with the people of Yemen on their road to recovery.


World Monuments Fund (WMF) stands in support of the Yemeni people who are facing a humanitarian crisis in the midst of a years-long war and recent heavy flooding in the region that has killed and displaced scores. Yemen’s historic architecture—already impacted by the conflict—is now further weakened by the floods which have caused homes to collapse and severely damaged many historic sites. In the capital of Sana’a, countless buildings have been destroyed and damaged. Local authorities are calling for assistance to restore damaged and collapsed structures and improve flood protection.  

Since 2018, when the Old City of Ta’izz, threatened by Yemen’s civil war, was placed on the World Monuments Watch, WMF has been committed to the people and heritage of Yemen. In late 2018, with support from the British Council Cultural Protection Fund, WMF began conservation skills training and restoration work at the National Museum in Ta’izz. And in 2019, WMF received a grant from the International Alliance for the Protection of Heritage in Conflict Areas (ALIPH) to restore the Al-Badr Palace in the Old City of Ta’izz, which was destroyed in the Yemeni civil war, and develop a museography program for the entire Ta’izz National Museum complex. 

On their long road to recovery, World Monuments Fund stands in solidarity with the people of Yemen.