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WMF Supports Capacity Building in Data Management and Collection for Babylon Staff

From September 13 to 24, two surveyors from Iraq's State Board of Antiquities and Heritage (SBAH) Inspectorate participated in a training course organized by CyArk in Oakland, California. The Iraqis came to Oakland to learn various tools relating to data collection and management that will in turn be used at Babylon. I also participated in the training session and began adding information pertaining to media management in relation to the GIS layers.

CyArk began the 10-day training session with an introduction to the technology and database systems involved in digital documentation and then proceeded with instructions on how to navigate these systems. CyArk and the Iraqis participated in hands-on training with a laser scanner, and, over the two weeks, worked together to build a GIS and related media database utilizing CyArk's SiteManager software. They produced detailed drawings from digital scans and practiced analyzing data. The Iraqi surveyors and CyArk also focused on creating software functions specific to Babylon materials. The training and data produced are in preparation for forthcoming condition assessments to be undertaken by WMF and the SBAH.