Press Conference Announcing the Latest Version of Arches

World Monuments Fund and the Getty Conservation Institute began a project just over a decade ago to address the mounting threats to cultural heritage. As that work emphasized, heritage inventories provide the basis for all heritage place management, both on a daily basis and in times of crisis. This video showcases diverse applications of Arches, an innovative open source software system that incorporates international standards and is built to inventory and help manage all types of immovable cultural heritage. Speakers include: Bonnie Burnham, President, World Monuments Fund, and Timothy Whalen, Director, Getty Conservation Institute; Janet Hansen, Deputy Manager, City of Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources, and Scott Branting, Director for Mapping and Data Integration, American Schools of Oriental Research Cultural Heritage Initiatives for Syria and Iraq, both early adopters of Arches; and Dennis Wuthrich, CEO and Founder, Farallon Geographics. For further information about Arches, visit