2010 Hadrian Award Gala

Honoring Ratan N. Tata and the Tata family

Each year, the World Monuments Fund presents the Hadrian Award to an international leader whose patronage has advanced the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of the world’s art and architecture.

The Board of Trustees of the World Monuments Fund is proud to present the 2010 Hadrian Award to Ratan N. Tata and the Tata family in recognition of their leadership in the restoration and protection of India's cultural heritage. The Tata family's legacy of philanthropy and stewardship of Indian heritage, begun in the nineteenth century by patriarch Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata, is reflected in their commitment to sustainable tourism through the restoration of some of the country's finest palaces and their conversion into heritage hotels, preservation of iconic sites that date back to India's greatest empires, and generous and long-standing support for archaeological excavation.

Dinner Chairs for this year's Hadrian Award Gala will include WMF Trustees Fernanda M. Kellogg, Sangita Jindal, Jack Shear; WMF Britain Trustee Dr. Amin Jaffer; and businessman Dilip Advani.

The Hadrian Award was inspired by the Roman Emperor Hadrian (a.d. 76–138 c.e.), a brilliant commander and administrator and a great patron of the arts, who demonstrated a concern for the survival of outstanding artistic works and a desire to convey the standards embodied in these works to his contemporary world.

For information about the 2010 Hadrian Award Gala, call 646-424-9594.