Announcing WMF’s Climate Heritage Initiative and 2024 Projects Portfolio

World Monuments Fund (WMF) invites you to attend a virtual program presenting our new Climate Heritage Initiative and exploring a selection of new projects launching in 2024.  

This event will break down WMF’s climate strategy and distill our vision for both combatting emerging and pervasive threats to heritage and using heritage to build the resiliency of communities affected by climate change. Led by WMF President and CEO Bénédicte de Montlaur and Vice President of Programs Jonathan S. Bell, it will also introduce a selection of new projects, from adaptive reuse to post-crisis recovery, scheduled to launch throughout 2024 in Ukraine, Sierra Leone, Romania, and more.  

At WMF, our work is guided by the firm belief that looking to the past can help us shape a just and more sustainable future. Join us on Wednesday, January 17 to learn more about how our priorities for the coming year will continue to build toward this goal. 

Time: 12:00 pm ET | noon 
Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2024 
Location: Zoom Webinar

This event has already taken place.

About the Speakers

Bénédicte de Montlaur, WMF.

Bénédicte de Montlaur 

President and CEO, World Monuments Fund 

Bénédicte de Montlaur is President and CEO of World Monuments Fund (WMF), the world’s foremost private organization dedicated to saving extraordinary places while empowering the communities around them. She is responsible for defining WMF’s strategic vision, currently implementing that vision in more than 30 countries around the world and leading a team that spans the globe. Her background mixes culture and the arts, politics, international diplomacy, and human rights. Prior to joining WMF, Montlaur spent two decades working across three continents as a senior diplomat at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 


Jonathan S. Bell 

Vice President of Programs, World Monuments Fund 

Dr. Bell came to World Monuments Fund from National Geographic Society, where he oversaw a large portfolio of projects that included archaeological research and cultural heritage. Over the course of his career, he worked with the Getty Conservation Institute on World Heritage Sites in China and Egypt, evaluated cultural site management from Kazakhstan to Colombia, and oversaw strategic planning for largescale flood infrastructure for the County of Los Angeles. Dr. Bell serves on multiple ICOMOS scientific committees as an expert member and sits on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Architectural Conservation. He holds a BA from Harvard University, a DEA from the Sorbonne, an MSc in Historic Preservation from Columbia University, and a PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA.