Babylon, Iraq

A Heritage from Home Virtual Tour

The ancient city of Babylon, once the capital of a sophisticated and vast empire, today represents one of the most important archaeological sites in the world. After thousands of years, the remains of Babylonia's legendary capital continues to yield insight into the complex past of the empire and is one of the most popular sites in Iraq.

Regional Director Jeff Allen will lead viewers through Babylon to uncover the hidden secrets of the ancient world and go behind the scenes of one of the most famous World Heritage sites. With a visit to the elegant Ishtar gate and the popular Lion of Babylon, this virtual tour will provide insight into the unique threats to Babylon’s heritage and WMF’s 12-year project to address them.

Video release date: Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Jeff Allen, WMF Program Director

Based in Cairo, Egypt, and Berlin, Germany, Jeff Allen is a project planner who joined WMF as a consultant on the Future of Babylon Project in 2009 and as a staff member in 2013. He specializes in managing field projects that contain community components, especially those aimed at building the capacity of local heritage professionals to encourage project sustainability. Prior to his experiences with WMF, he worked in the field for 15 years on projects in the Middle East and Asia.

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